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  • How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a pain relief therapist?"
    To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and resulting “compelling story”, that brought me to where I am today – healing people like you who suffering from chronic disease and pain to develop exercise programs and posture habits that provide long term healing and prevent pain in the future. That defining moment in my life happened in 2012. My friend gave me a book to read about functional physio therapy. There and then I decided to become a professional and here is my story. Throughout my life I was extremely sporty and did amazing activities particularly when I was younger such as Equestrian Vaulting (gymnastics on a horse back) for example. I was also a gymnast, an athlete (long jump, high jump, triple jump), footballer in my schools team, a dressage horse rider, a kayaker, a climber, a passionate diver, a skier and did about most ball sports apart from rugby. I also cycled wherever I went. However with the sports came the injuries and I remember many painful moments in my life particularly in my back and knees. So slowly I gave up those sports I loved so much and ended up going swimming as the pool was the only safe place where I could practice doing a sport pain free. After reading the book, I realised that my story with pain is one of a thousand if not millions of stories of athletes and sports people like me who had to give up what they loved so much due to the pain they were experiencing. The strange thing was that my whole life I had observed people's gait and posture, however, I never related pain to this. I immediately started doing specific exercises and a after a weeks I was cycling pain free! I started to cycle to work again, how wonderful this felt! Then on a rainy winter day my bike tyres got stuck in an old rail track and I had a very bad fall on my left shoulder which left my left arm and shoulder nearly immobile. After one month of very painful and sleepless nights I discovered biofeedback used by Space Agencies, but available on the open market. This is similar to Tens but 100 times more effective. After 30 min of treatment by a non-professional, I had regained 75% of my range of motion in my left shoulder. I immediately bought a device and attended training courses and continued to heal myself. By then I had also realised that my injuries were always on the left side of my body, this was no coincidence as I suffered from Scoliosis leaning to left. I realised that there were still a few more things ailing me as I had digestive issues, foggy brain and tingling in my fingers. I read up on amalgam fillings in dentistry. These can be quite toxic as they contain mercury - and I had nine of these. I went to see a dentist who specialised in removing these types of fillings. I learned that I had high levels of mercury toxicity in my body. When he removed them, instantly, I felt better. The tingling in my hands stopped, my head felt clear, I felt like a new being. I felt relieved - I had finally found someone who could help me! I also started on a major detox programme and enzyme therapy to remove heavy metals, pesticides and pathogens and get rid of bad gut bacteria and heal leaky gut syndrome. The machine the dentist used to analyse my toxicity was an FDA approved functional medicine Biofeedback device. This is device can detect up to 55,000 substances or stressors in your body. Using the biofeedback device, I was also diagnosed with carcinomas in my face and that I had high levels of certain pollutants in my body. I learned that from the tap water in my home, I was exposing myself and ingesting high amounts of methylcholanthrene. This was one of the key causes of my carcinomas, but I also contribute my mercury fillings to third, wrong facial creams, emotional issues and genetics. Doing the detox and enzyme program, using some of my own my biofeedback / frequency devices, herbal creams, and installing tap water filters, enabled me to remove to get rid of my carcinomas. My son now always jokes that our kitchen looks like a science lab. :) Unfortunately, this is what is required to stay healthy, so much of our drinking water and food chain is either contaminated with toxins or is very mineral / vitamin deficient. I was so impressed with the FDA approved Biofeedback analysis that I purchased this device. I also trained with the dentist for a period of 6 months. Using this device has transformed my practice and enabled me to gain knowledge and understanding of the human body and how to heal it in an unprecedented and totally unexpected manner. And I am confident to say that all the body wants to do is heal itself and will do so very quickly once the right conditions are created. I started healing people from all walks of life who were experiencing chronic pain. I watched their health and ability to engage in sports improve too! It was during this time that I came across the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) realising that without ever having attended their seminars, I was practicing the very same methods they were teaching to heal people. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE, which every doctor and physician should practice. I have since become a member of the IFM and have made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to healing people from chronic pain and secondary health issues - such as high blood pressure and mild digestive issues - so they can enjoy a pain-free, healthy and motion-rich life. I’ve worked with many private clients, spoken in front of many groups and I lived my dream of returning to sports, doing adventure holidays, and enjoying my own motion-rich healthy life again. I am good at creating bespoke healing programs for people suffering from chronic pain so they can skyrocket their health in relatively short period of time - 85% of chronic pain reduction within 2 to 3 months for 95% of my clients.
  • Who are your clients?
    I heal people just like you and my clients come from all walks of life, but my core clients are usually men 40 - 60 years who love being active and are looking for a natural chronic pain relief solution, so they they can lead a pain-free, healthy and motion rich life. They work in the various industries and include: - Bodybuilders - Golf and tennis players - Professionals in the finance & banking industry - Cooks - Office workers - Filmmakers - IT consultants - Builders & plumbers - Homeopaths - Sales professionals - Photographers - Artists - Musicians
  • What makes you different from other “Practioners”?
    I heal and I prevent chronic pain and secondary health issues. To the best of my knowledge I am the only one in the Western World who offers a total integrative approach to the body including biofeedback, nutrition, physical exercise, breathing and lifestyle changes all combined in one bespoke treatment plan. I consider myself very lucky to have been trained by some of the best doctors and therapists. I am dedicated to helping you get better using scientific methods. I also act like a coach who will help you realise your health and physical well-being goals. You will be able to see the changes your body is undergoing from session to session. I work on the inner and outer principles to help my clients achieve a pain-free, healthy land motion-rich life. I consider myself to be a very thorough, motivational and authentic therapist. I also don’t pretend and you’ll always get a straight to the point and honest response from me. I’m concerned with how to get you pain-free FAST – to help you STOP suffering and not being able to live your life the way you want to. I will always tell you the truth about what’s standing in the way of you getting better and I will throw in a healthy dose of humour and inspiration, miracle gadgets, books & movies and supplements which will make you live a healthier life.
  • What type of personality do you work best with & what is expected of me?
    My Living Pain-Free programs are for people who are ready to invest in their health and serious about getting better, breaking through inner resistance and unhealthy lifestyles and ending what I call “the comfort-suffering-syndrome-lifestyle”. Through my 5 years of practice I have learned that many people actually do not really want to get better but use their symptoms to get the attention they crave. Lots of people try to refer relatives to me, however, these relatives have no intention of getting better as they are comfortable with their pain or disease and use this to get attention from their siblings or parents. My Living Pain-Free program was created to put steps in place from the moment you commence treatment, which will eventually lead you to getting better. I’m known to work best with people similar to me who are enthusiastic, committed to improving their health and are ready to get going and just want to know exactly what steps to take to do so. My clients often tell me – “just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!” No excuses anymore, just a very different way of thinking and full support while you achieve this incredibly exciting goal: a healthy pain-free and motion rich life.
  • For what type of people are your programs NOT going to work?
    I don't want to waste peoples’ time or money, so please understand that I do not work with everyone. Sometimes I have to turn away people not suited for my therapies and won’t get the results for which they are signing up for. It wouldn’t be fair to them. My therapies work best for people who love being active. You must be willing to invest 30 - 40 minutes of your time per day in exercise. Types of personalities that are not suited are the whiner and the ‘chronic skeptic’ or those who are happy with their suffering and just want ‘a little bit of therapy’ to feel they are doing something. If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you not call and I hope you understand why. We’ll probably just not work well together. Is that fair?
  • What exactly is involved?
    I follow the functional medical approach to prevent and reverse chronic pain and optimising health. Functional Medical Testing I use FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved functional medical biofeedback device in my practice that can in a short period of time scan your body for thousands of substances that cause your body stress and widespread disease. This includes pathogens and toxins and the detection of vitamin and amino acid deficiencies. It can also scan your organs for stress signals including your immune and musculo-skeletal system. Many of my customers have had inconclusive blood and stool tests using conventional medical tests and I was able to develop them comprehensive treatment plans based on the biofeedback scanning! If you suffer from a serious chronic health condition, I recommend you see a functional medical doctor. In the UK, I recommend you make an appointment with Dr Suman Gupta She is brilliant and will reverse complex conditions including diabetes. Functional Anatomy Analysis I also do a full analysis of your physique and develop a bespoke exercise plan unique to you. In order for the body and all its organs and limbs to function at an optimum level, it needs to have a straight spine and neutral pelvis. Your spinal cord gives you the ability to bend and your pelvis allows movement of the body, especially walking, running, sitting and kneeling. When your spine and pelvis are out of alignment or injured, your general mobility is limited and can disrupt neural responses, disabling sensations and impacting on functions in organs and other parts of your body. Incorrect movement, intense exercises and bad posture can add unnecessary pressure to the spine and the pelvis, which over time can lead to chronic pain and secondary health issues. Without your spine and pelvis working at optimal level, your quality of life can greatly deteriorate. You won’t be able to enjoy many of the activities you love. Therapy Therapy focusses around my 5 pillars to help you achieve a pain-free, healthy and motion-rich life: Rapid Recovery Movement will align, rebalance and strengthen your musculoskeletal system. This is the foundation for experiencing lasting relief from chronic pain. Find Your Healing Frequency is about the ultimate pain relief tool. I will treat you with a pain relief device which will reduce pain instantly, deal with infl􏰀ammation, detox your body and relax you, so you sleep well at night. I will also do a lot of mindset work with you if required, chronic pain has a lot of causes. Breathe Your Pain Away will deal with the ultimate life source: “Breathing”. The amount of oxygen we breathe inf􏰀luences the amount of energy that is re- leased into our body cells. In this part of the program, I will teach you different breathing techniques. This will maximise oxygen levels in your body whilst helping you to relax, increase your energy,􏰁 reduce infl􏰀ammation, and live a long and healthy life. Digest Yourself To Health aims to establish optimal gut function and maximise the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Where there is pain, there is infl􏰀ammation, which will be made worse through the foods you eat and something called leaky-gut (which most people who eat bread will have). Lifetime Success Strategies is all about helping you make those everyday lifestyle changes particularly in the kitchen and the home to live a healthy life and prevent disease. You will be introduced to simple techniques and de-vices that can be purchased to get your food pesticide-free, drink clean water and breathe fresh air even if you live in the inner-city.
  • How are you going to heal me?
    I apply the 7 Rs approach to getting better: Removal – the removal of allergens, pathogens and toxicity is crucial in helping you get better whether you suffer from a chronic disease or pain. Most chronic diseases and pain experienced in joints for example are accompanied by bacterial and parasitic infections lingering in the body due to toxic overload. Treatment involves the use of herbs, elimination diets and biofeedback technology and can involve kidney and liver cleanses. Restoration - your gut and gut lining will be restored by eliminating bad bacteria and parasites whilst carefully selecting specific enzymes and probiotics to enable the gut flora to grow. 95% of neurotransmitters are generated in the gut and this will have a great beneficial effect on your nervous system. Replenish - the biofeedback analysis will have identified mineral, vitamin and amino acid deficiencies. Through changes in diet and certain food supplements, these deficiencies will be addressed and you will begin to feel more energised and sleep better. This will be accompanied by biofeedback therapy to reverse inflammation and optimise the immune system. Treatment includes lymph drainage. Realign - postural analysis will reveal the cause of your pain and will allow your body to function at an optimal level. Through a posture correction exercise programme consisting of simple but targeted stretching and strengthening exercises, your body will be realigned allowing you to do the activities you love doing pain free. Once your body is in alignment even cartilage can grow back making hip and knee operations superfluous. This unique method is based on the postural alignment approach developed by Pete Egoscue and is used by many American athletes, golfers and coaches such as Jack Nicklaus and Tony Robbins. This will be complemented with biofeedback technology to help overcome pain and develop muscle memory. Regulation - organ, hormonal, adrenal and thyroid analysis will have revealed reveal the degree of hormonal imbalance. Treatment involves the use of some herbs and biofeedback treatment to establish homeostasis and balance your endocrine system. I may also refer you to your GP for prescription medication. However, my research shows that once toxic and pathogenic overload in the body is restored, the body achieves homeostasis by itself. Relaxation – relaxation of body and mind through biofeedback therapy including anti-ageing will greatly improve sleep patterns. I will also help you with developing positive belief systems, getting rid of gremlins and generally help you achieve your goals and bring about those necessary life changes you have been putting on a back burner. Remaining Healthy – through recommending and helping you make lifestyle changes such as eliminating toxicity in your food chain and drinking clean water and eating pesticide free food, I will ensure that you are in position to remain healthy and balanced. This includes a final exercise programme to keep your body balanced and pain free for good. Note: If required I may send you to your GP or other doctors practicing functional medicine for certain blood tests, prescription medication or further treatment. This includes hormonal imbalances and certain diseases such as Diabetes or suspected tumours.
  • Does this really work?
    Yes! Have a look at my Testimonials page! The result of my work is healing your body from the inside out and with time and consistency you will improve your health and you will be able to do the things again you love so much. Not only that, but you will be able to do them for the rest of your life, because the work we will be doing is preventative too. I have prevented many hip and knee operations.
  • So, if this is so great, why has no one else heard about It?"
    Probably, we therapists are not the best marketeers relying most of the time on word-of-mouth. We have also become a society of pill poppers wanting a quick fix and relying on pharmaceutical medication to sort everything out. Now, don’t get me wrong, these have their place including steroids, but not on a long-term basis! Also ask yourself the question: “who are the chief executives of pharmaceutical companies accountable to?” My work is about healing and preventing chronic pain and other health issues.
  • Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?
    Yes, I encourage you to! Please go to the Testimonials page and read all of them. See which ones you feel drawn to, then get in touch with me and I will give you their email address so you can ask what they got from working with me and my programmes.
  • What results can I see?
    - No or massively reduced pain - Higher energy - Better balance - More core strength - Improved mobility & flexibility - A pumped up immune system - Better metabolic and digestive efficiency - Enhanced athletic performance - Restful nights - Relaxation - Mental clarity - General physical well being - Growth in confidence - Disappearance of many secondary health issues
  • How Quickly Can I Expect Results?
    That depends on how quickly you can make those necessary changes to get better such as exercising every day, applying the devices I lend you, taking the recommended herbal supplements, adjusting your diet, getting rid of bad posture habits, books I will give you to read and other recommended changes. Some clients are ready to go and sky-rocket their health in a very short time frame, while others have a bit more work to do first. I will give you an indication of what I can do and how long it will take after our free consultation session.
  • Is the investment I put into this health plan justified?
    Yes, a resounding Yes! You will be seeing great health outcomes. Many clients are excited to report that they were able to see improvements within the first three weeks. I want you to stop reading for just one moment to ask yourself, “What is my health worth to me?” What you do with my health plan is what I call a series of major health breakthroughs that will move you much faster towards your health goals than you would on your own or therapists that only use one therapy. I work from the inside out. You are investing in health and well-being results. Imagine what it would feel like playing pain free with your children / grandchildren again, being able to go hiking, going on bike rides, skiing, adventure holidays or just having a restful night.
  • Susanne, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to work with. What are my options for getting started with you?"
    Get in touch and schedule a free consultation with me and we will discuss how I can best help you. There are quite a few options: you can come to my clinics in East and Central London, join one of my online programs or spend 1 week with me in one of my retreats either in the Azores or Iceland. Regarding the latter, I have put my heart and soul into this and will show you how to become pain-free, whilst learning new things and having the holiday of a lifetime.
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