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I went to see Susanne as I was aware of the Egoscue  programme and wanted to increase range of motion and lesson pain in my frozen shoulder. What I like about Susanne’s approach is that the recovery lies with the client. Susanne works with a myriad of tools and resources to work out what imbalance is present in the body and the mind, but the results you are able to achieve lie in your hands. She looks at understanding the whole picture of health, allergy, intolerance, inflammation etc and devises exercises, breath work and the use of frequencies to allow the body to start to heal.  She is patient, knowledgeable, kind and makes herself totally available. She really does go the extra mile to try and work out what is going on and offer solutions. If she is unsure she consults others and comes back with suggestions, having a structured exercise programme has been a lifeline for me and seeing positives changes has been brilliant.  Thanks so much.  ~ Rachel Lewis

Thank you, Susanne Jager and Pete Egoscue, for rescuing me as for many years I kept twisting my ankles and had suffered pains in my knees, especially when taking part in high impact activities. Susanne introduced me to Postural Alignment and had developed a Egoscue programme for me. My regular exercises from this programme, is enabling me to hill walk, cycle for miles and to exercise by walking long distances with great confidence. I am planning to go to Holland for a four days cycling trip it is predicted that we will do over 100 miles in August. ~ San Chan

I was highly recommended to Susanne by a friend and booked a course of treatments with her. I found Susanne to be extremely diligent, knowledgable, and helpful but, best of all what she has done for me has worked and I have already taken some of my family members to see her. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Susanne to anyone else. Thank You Susanne. ~ J Hawkins – Kent

For quite some time I had been suffering with numbness in my left food.  One day I bent over in the car and was struck with excruciating pain.  I went to see doctors in the NHS and was diagnosed with Sciatica. I was not happy with the treatment I was getting from the NHS as it didn't help my symptoms and the pain kept getting worse.  In the end I had to walk on crutches.  It was at this time that Susanne introduced me to her Scenar device and after 4 to 5 treatments I was able to walk again without crutches.  She then developed an Egocue exercise programme for me after discovering that it was probably the anterior pelvic tilt and the weak mucles in my foot that were causing the numbness. I am sticking to the programme and can begin to feel my core muscles getting stronger.  I feel a lot more energised and can enjoy going to the gym again. Thank you Scenar and thank you Susanne.  ~ Dennis Ehiobu

Susanne came to see us in Ireland to help my family and friends.  We suffered from a range of musculoskeletal issues that caused pain in different parts of our bodies including valgus and varus knee stress, rounded shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain, arthritis etc.  Susanne worked in a very professional manner and treated all of us (6 people) non-stop over a period of 5 days with Scenar and the Egoscue method.  This included an elderly relative who is just recovering from the amputation of a left leg.  It was incredible to see how quick and effective these methods work.  My wheelchair bound relative could within three days do a 45 min workout using postural alignment exercises. This was a huge improvement. These gave back the range of motion in the arms and right leg which will be needed when walking on crutches. As for myself I have never enjoyed exercise so much as I can feel how it tackles the area of the body that most need it.  Within a period of 3 days, another relative, was able to do longer walks as the pain in the knee improved dramatically.  Susanne made the healing/learning process very enjoyable and easy to do. Her follow up service is also excellent. Her positivity, caring, and knowledge and expertise helped us all. We are grateful. Our lives have been enriched and our health has improved due to Susanne's work with us. If you suffer from pain, I strongly recommend Susanne. ~ Mary Galvin

Susanne treated me over the course of 10 weeks last year (2014) for severe eczema, asthma and insomnia. A colleague referred me to her after I found that conventional medicine did not help my symptoms. Over the weeks I saw a very significant improvement in my condition as well as a re-balance of my mental state of mind. In fact, after the course had finished, I continued to see improvement and has, to date, not had severe symptoms again. I feel that this treatment has done what conventional medicine cannot do; re-balancing your inner energies so that your body can start to heal itself again. I can only give Susanne and her treatments my highest recommendation.

~ Jane Nielsen

I had met Susanne in at Target Fit Gym and she introduced me one afternoon to a bit of Scenar and Postural Alignment Therapy.  The pain caused by my Sciatica due to 2 bulging discs got so bad that I had to take a break from work, because I could not sit and stand for only a short period of time. I did a lot of research on what Susanne was doing to get people pain free and posture correction therapy was totally unknown to me, so I took a leap of faith and booked a course of treatments with her.  The impact of the postural alignment had on me was profound.  I finally understood what caused my Sciatica and totally committed myself to getting better by doing the exercises. Susanne developed an exercise programme and treated me with the Scenar device. She also gave me the Pain Free Book by Pete Egoscue.  Through the daily exercises the sharp pain improved very quickly.  It took around 2.5 months until I was totally better and I could feel that my discs had slipped back in and I was able to stand and sit pain free. Susanne was very supportive especially during early stages when my confidence was low. She always gave me advice on everything from exercise corrections to healthy living. I am sure I must have been a pain (apologies Susanne lol) but I feel the knowledge she has passed on to me has made me empowered to become more aware in how my posture affects everything I do. If you’re reading this and wondering if this method is for you I would say try it for sure and but do it regularly, you will see benefits.  

~ Richard Uchendu

Before And After Pictures Of Postural Alignment Therapy

Before 1st Session

After 1st Session

After 2nd Session

Before 1st Session

After 1st Session

After 1st Session

After 1st Session

Before 1st Session

Before 1st Session

Before Posture Therapy

One Year After Posture Therapy

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